Friday, December 09, 2005

Behold! The glory that was Christmas Past.

It occurred to me that Fire Blanket has never seen my pink foil Chrismas Tree. This will not do. Posted by Picasa

This was last year's tree when I lived in Chicago. Don't mind my tears now as I cry that the magnificent tree is still in Chicago while I am now here in Wyoming. Stupid storage!


fire blanket said...

This will not do? It will do. Really. I don't feel I've suffered from not seeing it.

fire blanket said...

Not that I don't like the tree of course. Heaven forbid! But I think, on balance, that I'm more of a traditional green tree kind of guy.

Wyoming said...

Hmmm . . .perhaps the photo does not translate through the blogospere well enough.

I would wonder if it was just that guys might lack the gene to appreciate the beauty of the pink tree but I know that's not true. Even the staunchest critics weakend upon personal genuflection in front of its glory.

Yup - if has to be the blogosphere.

srchngformystry said...

poor wyoming...why did you leave chicago?

poor creativesoul2005...i left chicago 18 years ago to live in this concrete jungle hell.

Wyoming said...

Dang panic attacks were getting the best of me. I am much better in the open, the concrete and the multidues were making me homebound.
Stangley, moose do not seem to have this effect. The reverse in fact.

Anonymous said...

Our tree!!!!!! So pretty. Here in Nigeria, I have neither a pink tree nor any tree for that matter as all of my Christmas stuff arrived the week after Christmas and then I got assigned to Lagos and just got things unpacked when I had to pack them all up again and move. So I am here in the 100 degree weather in January looking at pix of snow. The kitties are cute too, Beast misses you and Bun I'm sure. rebecca