Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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fire blanket said...

BunWah? Please explain to the Englishman.

Wyoming said...

The cat's name is Rabbit - and, no, I did not name him that. I got him after someone abandoned him at the groomers so they new his name and they new he was like 14 years old.
R-Dawg started calling him Bun after the name of a rabbit in one of her favorite kid's books. It evolved into BunWah over the years b/c when he meows it sounds like, "But, what?" There's something in there too about how he has crazy samurai skizzils at not dying and all since he is now estimated at a ripe 23-26 years old.
R-Dawg? Was there more to the derivation of the Bunster's name? Cannot remember the precise evolution.

Rebecca said...

Rdawg here. It's not a kid's book! It's The Secret History by Donna Tartt. There's a character named Bunny, but the narrator occasionally refers to him as "Bun." If you knew the cat formerly known as Rabbit, you would appreciate that he truly was a Bun. Mad and I started calling things -wah b/c she's sort of pseudo french-ish and -ois is a popular suffix to lots of french words (francois, ..... blank brainois) you know. wah.