Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Man of the Year? WTF?

Speaking of crying, you'll likely be shedding a few tears -- of laughter anyway -- after reading K. Fed's interview with GQ, which just dubbed him one of its Men of the Year.

The magazine quizzes the so-called "American Husband: Trophy Edition" on his domestic duties, including whether there's a particular "household task" at which he excels.
Offers Kevin, "Pressing the TV buttons. Yeah, dude. That's like the No. 1 thing."

Does he ever surprise his meal-ticket missus with flowers? "Oh yeah," says the romance-minded Federline. "I'll call up the [bleeping] florist before I get a hotel room for us and have them stock it with flowers and a card saying something. You've got to keep it interesting, man."

In between dialing the "[bleeping] florist" and penning love notes that say "something," Kevin is also happy to kowtow to his wife: "Oh yeah, I'll hold her purse. It's one of those things, you know? I've bought the Tampax, the baby diapers, I've been through all of that already."

And that easygoing feeling extends to their home life, with Federline, who appears in the mag wearing denim he-capris, a standard issue white tank top, socks with sandals and an apron, revealing how he sometimes fails to secure the bathroom door: "The comfort level around here? It's family, man. It's like what you do with your brother or your sister or, you know, your moms or pops. I mean, you never cared when you were a kid."

As for why he was selected as Man of the Year, Britney's less flush half is convinced it's "because I'm Daddy, dude. I'm Daddy. [Bleep], that's pretty much it."

from MSN.

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