Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Pics of the kids

Here we have Scarf! and Whirrly enjoying some sun time on their own. I think this was something like 3 days after I brought Whirrly Girl home. Bad match, I guess.

But seriously, the two girls just acted like they'd been wondering where the other was. They immediately started playing hide and seek and shared the food bowl - no problem. Of course, Whirrly ran right up to Bun when he was eating and poked her nose into his bowl so maybe it's more a reflection on her determination (or stupidity).

Even Bun is forced to submit to Whirrly's demands to share the sweet spot. He's doing his best to ignore her.
"Just keep your eyes shut. If you don't look into it's eyes, you won't provoke it."

Whirrly continues her endless bathing. Got her home from the shelter only to discover a few days later that she had a kitty contagious skin issue. Stupid shelter.

She's wondering why you'd even be looking at her. Why are you not petting her sweet sweet belly? Fool!

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